Tyrell Keene

Golang engineer

About Me

Programming is my passion, I've been doing it for years now and I've loved every moment. I enjoy working on complex and interesting problems, sharing my ideas, working with others, and contributing to like minded communities. Designing systems that do amazing things from nothing has had my interest since I was very young. It's my aim to use this passion and interest to help build and maintain the internet.


Influx Data

Contract Technical Consultant

At InfluxData I utilized Docker, Ruby, and Bash scripts to provide a containerized testbed environment, and assisted the main development team in writing scripts, plugins and the documentation of the InfluxDB time series database.

NORC At The University of Chicago (Albuqurque office)

Professional Telephone Interviewer

At NORC I contact households with children and teens to conduct the National Immunization Survey (NIS) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I used my conversational abilities to conduct the survey in a professional and friendly tone, explain the process and rationale behind the survey to the respondant, and make the respondent feel comfortable with providing sensitive information required to complete the survey.

(More information about the NIS and NORC can be found here)

Moasis (Remote)

Jr. Backend Engineer

At Moasis I participated in the development of a location based advertising product geared towards mobile devices with over 100k requests/second throughtput systemwide. I worked directly with the CTO to design, develop and administer a microservices based system hosted on AWS utilizing Kubernetes managed Docker containers, Golang backend software with distributed messaging over gRPC with an interface defined in Protobuf.

Technologies used:

  • Golang
  • Docker
  • InfluxDB
  • Kubernetes
  • Postgres (Amazon RDS)
  • ORM
  • Protobuf/gRPC


University of New Mexico


General Education Diploma (GED)



InfluxDB is a scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics

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Go-Agent is a cloud based automation engine allowing users to automate tasks such as file downloads, service starting/stopping, and more in response to events using their favorite scripting language.

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Autobd is a containerized and syncronized backup solution that utilizes HTTP to provide a RESTful API that allows nodes and servers to sync up a directory structure.

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go-fsevents is a simple Golang package that provides a simple, recursive and easy to use interface to Linux's filesystem monitoring subsystem.

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A simple and easy to use script that encrypts files and packs/encrypts directories recursively with GPG/AES-256 symmetric encryption.

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